Tree Felling La Lucia, all tree cutting services

Does your tree need to be cut down? Is it disease-ridden and rotting and now it is starting to fall over and is a hazard in your garden or a parking lot hazard which could cause damage to an employee or customers’ cars?  Do the branches need to be trimmed and neatened but you are scared you kill the tree if you do it incorrectly?  Our advice to you is to call Tree Felling La Lucia now so we can all tree cutting services and more for you.

Tree pruning, tree fellers, and all tree felling services

Tree Felling La Lucia can help you with all tree felling services you need in and around the KZN area.  Call us and speak to an experienced agent who understands and is a knowledgeable tree fellerFelling requires expert knowledge of trees and their growth behaviour.  Tree pruning needs to be done correctly so that the growth is correct.  Ask one of our representatives from Tree Felling La Lucia now about our inexpensive tree fellingprices.

Tree Felling La Lucia
Tree Felling La Lucia

Can I remove my palm tree

Can I remove my palm tree?  The answer is yes, with Tree Felling La LuciaPalm Tree Removal can be tricky and dangerous but if you call professional fellers like Tree Felling La Lucia we can take that worry off your hands and cut down a palm tree securely and neatly.  Call us and get your quote now.

Tree Stump Grinding service

As we have mentioned among our services we do pruning of all trees and we can and will do Tree removal as part of our services.  But, what about the leftover stump?

Tree Stump Grinding is an easy and cost-effective technique used by a professional company like Tree Felling La Lucia.  The stump is ground down to the ground leaving the roots behind to naturally become part of the soil instead of the massive job of removing all the roots and lifting paving or knocking building foundations unnecessarily.  Call Tree Felling La Lucia for more advice on this service.

Low price Tree Trimming Costs

Tree Felling La Lucia has low price Tree Trimming costs and we provide quality services.  We are more than just professional fellers.  There are package deals on offer now, so do not wait any longer our spring specials are still on offer.

Repairs for swimming pools and borehole pumps

Tree Felling La Lucia has all garden and outdoor department services.  Do you need Borehole Pump Repairs or Swimming Pool Repairs?  Ask one of our agents about these services and pricing one repairing pumps or new pumps.

Landscaping services and Instant Lawn

It’s the time of year where we can expect more rain which means more garden maintenance.  Tree Felling La Lucia does landscaping for properties large and small and if you need new fresh and a good quality instant lawn to get your garden going we can deliver it straight to you.

Tree Felling La Lucia your answer to quality garden services.

Tree Felling La Lucia
Tree Felling La Lucia

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